Fortress Arena is a game where you battle enemies
with Fortress NFTs and TANK tokens on the Fortress Planet


Fortress Arena is a turn-based artillery game using Fortress tank NFTs.

Tanks with different attributes fire a cannon and destroy the opponents' tanks, thereby winning the game. Players will earn points for winning the game.

Game points can be exchanged for TANK tokens, so players can simultaneously enjoy the game and earn rewards.

Tank NFT

Fortress Tank NFT is used as a tank character to defeat enemy tanks in the game.

Each tank also has its own characteristics such as the race, class, color, element, or material,
and these attributes affect the stats (e.g. damage) in tank battles in the game.

Rental Shop

Players must have three tank NFTs to play a game. For players who don't own a three tank NFTs, there is a rental shop within the game.

A user can play the game by borrowing up to three tank NFTs from the in-game rental shop, and the profit from winning is divided with the tank owner.

Players who own tank NFTs can rent their tank NFTs through the smart contract in the blockchain and share the rewards.

Repair Shop

Tanks that have undergone battles might lose a bit of their durability,
and tanks can increase their durability by using in-game points in the repair shop.

Tanks cannot go into battle when their durability reaches to zero
and tanks with worn out durability may be subject to many restrictions in the Fortress Arena
until the durability is repaired.

R&D Center

Combination System

Fortress Arena's combination system is designed so that NFT holders have the right to supply while the amount of NFTs is controlled.

Two NFTs make tank components, and NFT burning creates gen-stones, and then combines tank components and gen-stone to create a new tank NFT.


Combination has a small chance of creating a mutant tank.

Mutant tanks are very rare because they are the type of tank that did not exist before, and new mutant tanks are continuously added over time.


There are playable items for tanks.
Each item has a unique function that can increase the tank's stats, and random items can be purchased.

Items can be upgraded and you may have a chance to have a stronger effect.

Play Mode


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