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Fortress Arena has been released. Enjoy a great battle.
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The Next Web3 Game Fortress Arena is a turn-based artillery game where you battle enemies with Fortress blockchain tokens on the Fortress Planet
Game Features
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Diverse and Unique
Playable Tanks
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PvE and PvP Fun Modes
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Turn-based Play
with Strategic Shootings
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Fun Play
Play freely with rental tanks Players are encouraged to own NFTs in order to fully enjoy the game content. But, for players who don't own tank NFTs, there is playable NFT rental process within the game.

A user can play the game by borrowing tank NFTs from the in-game rental, and the profit from winning is divided with tank NFT owners. The owners can rent their tank NFTs through the smart contract in the blockchain.
Tank NFT
Fortress Tank NFT is used as a tank character to defeat enemy tanks in the game. Each tank also has its own characteristics such as the race, class, color, element, or material, and these attributes affect the stats (e.g. damage) in tank battles in the game.
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Lucky Ball Rewards
Win battles, get Lucky Balls, and enjoy these special prizes! In Fortress Arena, Lucky Balls are coveted orbs, each concealing a unique 6-digit code.
Earned through victorious League mode battles, these magical spheres grant access to exclusive rewards.

Your skill in battle determines the number of Lucky Balls earned,
influenced by factors like tank ownership and class. These orbs are kept safe in a smart contract on the blockchain.

They unlock cool prizes like rare mutant NFTs and Crings.
Just compare the codes, count your Lucky Balls, and you can get amazing rewards in Fortress Arena.

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Mutant tanks
Want more?
There are Mutant tanks
Mutant tanks are very rare because they are the type of tank that did not exist before,
and new mutant tanks are continuously added over time.
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If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback,
please feel free to reach out to our customer support team
at Fortress Arena. We are here to assist you.
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Fortess Arena
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